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30 years of building mobile-friendly websites, including storage and a domain name for a year!

An image website, a store website, a website optimized for mobile, it's time to switch to a website optimized for all devices.

Get in touch now, waste every minute. Building a very professional and innovative website, personal treatment all the way. And that's a promise!

Building a website optimized for mobile

Website optimized for mobile Or a responsive website is a website that adapts itself to all devices Call now 0775415181

Free storage and domain!

So get it! Domain name and website storage for a year, as a gift! worth more than NIS 600 Call now for more details

Quality, quality and more quality

Love for design, originality and a strong affinity for technology have made us excellent in the field of building websites - because that's what a website needs! Get the most important marketing tool from us.

26 years of experience

We have been here since 1994... and guess what? All this time we are building websites. Having trouble calculating? 20 years of building websites, for big and small. We are here to provide you with our experience

Website building – what do you get?

  • characterization
  • Design
  • Website development with a content management system – wordpress, joomla
  • Compatibility with the world’s leading browsers
  • Website promotion module Websites and optimization for Google
  • Full visual text editor (editor-WYSIWYG)
  • Unlimited number of articles
  • Internal search mechanism
  • Connection to the Google Analytics statistics system
  • Gallery

Correct process - building a website

Site Characterization

A surfing experience requires the invention of a unique concept adapted to both the product and the potential surfer. We perform market research on your unique product as well as research on the potential customer. A site with a unique, customized design is a winning site. We adapt the site to Google and optimize the site with the help of professional tools.

Website Design

Formulation of the graphical concept of the user interface, according to the brand's identity and definitions. Graphic design and adapting the user interface to the website's goals and image and brand definitions, original graphic design that combines innovation and usability, design that promotes the brand.

Building a customized website

Writing standard code, in accordance with the standards of the International Internet Association - W3C Full adaptation of the code to leading browsers. Building a responsive website (Responsive Design) A website optimized for mobiles, desktop computers and tablets.

Website promotion

Preparing the website at a basic level and adapting it to search engines. Construction of a site map, link to Google Analytics, assimilation of basic keywords In addition to the basic promotion process, we have a monthly retainer service for website promotion on Google and social networks. The service includes building an advertising campaign on Google or Facebook from the stage of creating ads to market research and managing statistics.

Website construction - recent projects

About Us

A rare hybrid of designers and tech junkies places us well on the internet map.

Eran Zaira, a designer, illustrator and animator who also teaches at various colleges in the center, founded Coca Interactive in 1994, and has been involved in the development of Internet projects all these years.

A talented team of programmers has accompanied him for years and happily produce excellent products.

Cooking school - Lasha magazine

Building a tailored website that presents recipes and tips taken from a series of books by “Lasha” magazine.

The challenge was to create a website that speaks the graphic language in which the books are built while maintaining the Internet rules while using the cutting edge of technology

בניית אתר מותאם
בניית אתר מותאם



A long and winding process led us to the current look of this amazing new display. The branding definitely reflects the product.
Our demand from the logo was expressiveness as well as usability, the logo today functions as the ultimate zipper for any product.

Building a website

A site with a very modern profile containing classic works and items, a contrast that is hard to resist

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