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Building websites for companies

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Building websites for companies

The first step that will outline the entire process of building websites for companies is the graphic design of the website, its branding and the assimilation of design values ​​of the business”, explains Zaira, who focuses on the topic at “COCA INTERACTIVE” under his sole responsibility.

“I characterize the design language and graphic branding and use all the creative tools I have as an original artist.

Only after the client approves the designs and connects to the branding language, I transfer everything to my team and then the second phase begins – programming of the site and implementation of the sketches approved by the client, with an emphasis on building a site that will be responsive, that is, adapted to stationary computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Each step in the process is done with the cooperation of the customers and with full transparency. We allow the client to enter the development environment and see the progress. It gives them confidence that they are in good hands and for us it “makes the system quiet”.

The third stage of the work is basic preparation for the promotion of the website and its adaptation to the leading search engines, when this stage is also taken into account already in the initial planning process.

As someone who is well versed in technology and understands well that a website as a work tool cannot stand on its own if it is not promoted,

A client who wishes can later receive a monthly service of promoting the site on Google and social networks, building advertising campaigns, etc.

Zaira’s involvement in the entire process of building websites for companies is absolute. He is the one who is in contact with the customer from the moment of contact until the website goes live and also after that if updates or upgrades of any kind are required.

As part of a policy of providing personal service and close customer support, the company does not have a sales department or project managers and everything goes through him and he is available to his customers 24/7.