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Does Google like my site content produced by artificial intelligence?

Google published guidelines regarding content produced by artificial intelligence in early 2021. These guidelines state that it is important to maintain the quality of the content and ensure that it provides value to users.

According to guidelines, the content created by artificial intelligence should meet the following requirements:

  1. Quality content – the content should be reliable and satisfying information for the user.
  2. Originality – the content should be original and not heavily copyrighted.
  3. Rich in content – The content should be rich in content and information.
  4. Compliant with the desired goals – the content should be compatible with the desired goals and its role.
  5. Suitable for the target audience – the content should be suitable for the target audience and not for the entire audience.
  6. Accessibility – the content should be accessible and allow all users to access it in a convenient and easy way.
  7. Privacy – the content should protect the users’ privacy and not violate their rights.

Google asks software developers and content producers to follow these guidelines to ensure that their content provides value to the user.

These guidelines focus on several main topics, including:

  • Clarifying the goals and needs of AI-generated content
  • Creating content with clear text and a high level of language analysis
  • Professional reference to the subject treated in the content, including citation of sources and references to reliable sources
  • Use reliable data and information to support content and cite sources for this information
  • Emphasizing placing the user at the center of the content and clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the product or service covered in the content

Of course, these guidelines can change over time, and can be adapted to the needs of any particular product or service. However, they help the writers to create high-quality and accurate content that suits the user’s needs and promotes the product or service they are dealing with.

Written by OpenAI