Coca Interactive

The Haved group has been operating in the construction industry for about 35 years and has a wide variety of high-quality and complex projects behind it. The founder of the group, Eng. Moshe Yousfi, who is also the CEO and owner, led the group for decades to significant achievements in the field of conventional construction on a variety of issues: saturated construction, saturated construction combined with commerce, construction of detached houses (cottages), construction for Public bodies (local authorities, colleges), institutional industrial construction for large bodies in the economy, construction for security bodies (Ministry of Defense) and more.

Characterization, design and construction of a website

  • Branding – logo, graphic language
  • Site characterization according to the company’s service and target audience
  • Website design according to the graphic language of the product
  • Building a customized website
  • Website promotion on Google for the Israeli market